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The Loka Review will begin publication in Fall, 2017. In the meantime, enjoy our books and pamphlets!


Loka Hatha Yoga publishes the Loka Review, and also numerous books in a variety of subjects to teach the Dharma.  With our Assistant Editors, we also publish several series.  Please consider contributing!

Books on the Dharma

Two Horses Series - by Gary Two Horse Green
Eclectica - by Deepak Morris

The City Life
The Great Outdoors
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Complete list of titles (all series and non-series)

(City Life) Avoiding Colorado's Oil and Gas Pollution
Applying the most recent research and data towards simple but comprehensive guidelines, this book avoids the politically charged aspects of the problems of pollution to introduce the science and of analysis required to determine whether a person should and how they might avoid Colorado’s oil and gas pollution. Includes chapters on anticipating future industry activity, information on purification methods, and a chapter on what may be done to reduce the impact of the petroleum industry’s pollutants on the health and environment of their community so avoidance is not necessary.

(Dharma) The Logic of Gotama: an introduction and guide for practice
Based upon the teachings of the Buddha Gotama contained in the Pali Canon, here is presented an easy to understand, illustrated and diagramed introduction to Buddhist logic - complemented by advanced explanations of the concepts introduced for further study. Critical excerpts from the Pali Canon are presented in conversational English to provide practical guidance on the path of practice in daily life.
(Eclectica) (Volume 1) Business Advice from an Artist
There is plenty of advice for business an artist can give - Deepak Morris would know. Having earned a Master’s Degree in Commerce, a Master’s Diploma in Management, an International Diploma in Computer Studies and an International Professional Certificate in Communication, and written extensively in the fields of business ethics, marketing and communication, he currently lives in Pune, India, teaching Speech, Drama and Communication, and writing and staging musicals, to convey the life wisdom of a practical artist in the business of art. "Thousands of children are taught grammar. How many become great writers? Only the passionate.".

(Eclectica) (Volume 2) I have to Eat and Sleep: the Art of Business
Deepak is a cunning businessman, and an inspired artist. His fundamental training in both has resulted in an art of business which is almost philosophical. This book attempts to focus upon that almost philosophical philosophy presented in Deepak Morris’s “Business Advice for an Artist.” Effortless living is an honest living, and the common interactions we have with people daily can result in uncommon friendship if we only permit ourselves to allow that most fundamentally honest relationship to grow. Deepak’s joy of living is natural and effortless – and we can share it too: beginning by admitting to ourselves, as Deepak does, that we have to eat and sleep. When we acknowledge this basic fact, we discover the importance of having fun – whether we dine alone or with friends or with strangers, whether we sleep peacefully or not. Life is an adventure, and we write the story. And as Deepak has shown, we can make it a better one – for everybody.

(Kitchen Table) (Cooking) Vegan and Gluten Free
Gluten Free and Vegan diets are more than fads, more than a way of life – for some, it is the way to stay alive and necessary to their health and happiness. Don’t worry, though: catering to their needs is easy and won’t require fancy ingredients or techniques.
Providing accommodation for those with special dietary requirements is easier than you’d think – and it is a great way to increase both the number of customers and their satisfaction. Doing so does not require stocking special ingredients or modifying your menu – only learning how and advertising to the public that you have options for those requiring special diets.
This book provides easy to use information and directions specially intended for food professionals who cook and prepare foods for a living - but also “translates” these into concepts for “Professionals @ Home” who provide for the needs of family members and friends.
Learn not only the method, but the “why” and “how” through easy to understand scientific and technical information. And get tips on marketing: catering to Gluten Free and Vegan diets is a great way to increase business!
At the end of the book are helpful sheets which may be freely reproduced and displayed for training or reference purposes – in the professional kitchen and at home.

Hummingbirds for Amateur Scientists
Hummingbirds are not only a joy to watch, but present an exciting frontier for the newest science and technology. Comprehensively exploring humanity’s history with the hummingbird from prehistoric myths to the most modern understandings of fluid dynamics at a variety of reading levels, Hummingbirds for Amateur Scientists is fun for children, challenging for young adults – and enjoyable for adults to share. Learn about the exciting role amateur scientists are playing in helping professional scientists fully discover the profound lessons these tiny birds have to teach…and what you can do even at home to become an amateur scientist, too!

(Two Horses) (Volume 1) Mocha the Whale - the Real Moby Dick: With transcription of Jeremiah Reynold's Mocha Dick
Mocha Dick is the name of the actual Sperm Whale who terrorized whale hunters in the early 19th Century. He was portrayed as an antagonist to Captain Ahab in Moby Dick - but was the whale the hero in reality? Accompanied by a republication of the original accounts of Jeremiah Reynold's Mocha Dick and contextual Editorial references on the past and present nature of whaling and Isla Mocha, Gary Green explores how much role perspective plays in the telling of a story - and the true heroism of this remarkable animal.

(Two Horses) (Volume 2) the First Firefighter - Saint Florian
Commander Florian was an exemplary Roman soldier. As the Roman Empire began to urbanize, Florian recognized the need for permanent firefighting forces in the new cities. But the Empire also burned hot with conflict over faiths and cultures, and soon Florian found himself condemned to death by the nation he loyally served. This book introduces the reader to the first and best firefighter, the man who earned the respect of his countrymen in ancient Rome – and remains the ideal to which our modern firefighters yet aspire: Saint Florian.

(Two Horses) (Volume 3) Inventor of the Doggy Door - Sir Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton invented calculus, the scientific method, discovered the nature of light and the fundamental laws of the universe. He also invented the Doggy Door – or did he? By reading this book, you’ll discover the truth using Newtonian methods of investigation to learn about the first scientist and the pets he kept: born and orphaned on Christmas Day, he was a commoner and vegetarian whose compassion for animals and his fellow human beings led him to discover the very limits of knowledge itself…

(Two Horses) (Volume 4) The Ugly Truth of Nursery Rhymes
Genocide, childhood alcoholism, lethal epidemics, bloody and bloodless revolutions, tourism schemes and assassinations – we’re all familiar with the nursery rhymes of our childhood, but now we can understand what they are actually about. Gary Green and his Editor, Aaron Brachfeld, team up again to lend uncommon insight through both historical and modern relevance to shed light on the ugly truth of nursery rhymes..

(Two Horses) (Volume 5) Hitler's Radio Drama
Belief can be a tricky thing. In 1939, the Polish Army wasn't equipped to invade Grandma's refrigerator. Yet by taking a page from the Martian invasion with which Orsen Wells fooled America, Hitler put on a radio drama and got the German people to believe they had been invaded. Once Germany was scared, it was easy to get every German angry! Gary Green reveals not only the means of Hitler's trickery, but the truly scary fact that the very thing can happen again ... and already has. Includes a chapter on how to manage fear and anger, both within ourselves and in our nation.

(Two Horses) (Volume 6) Islamic Roots of Democracy in Jamestown
Gary "TwoHorse" Green explores the Islamic roots of Democracy in the Jamestown Colony by examining the evolution of corporate governance and structure which resulted from diplomatic relations between the English and Ottomans and the consequential self-governance of Jamestown. Showing the influence and impact Islam has had and continues to have on American culture and values, Green gives hope for continued interfaith business and diplomatic ventures that will continue to shape a more peaceful and democratic world.